Featured in the anime series Dominion Tank Police, Bonaparte is the mini-tank built and operated by Leona Ozaki and Al Cu Ad Solte.

Bonaparte is a departure from the standard Tank Police model patrol tank as instead of being pre-fab and construction line produced it was completely built by hand from the leftover parts of Charles Britains, captain of the Tank Police], Tiger Special.

Featuring four independent tread systems, two forward and two rear, a mini-cannon mounted just above the driver and a rear facing vulcan machine gun the Bonaparte maintains a versitility and dexterity not seen in the standard patrol tanks, allowing it to perform such feats as entering buildings without demolishing them immediately, high speed complex manuevers and escaping into areas far to small for the standard tank. Also differing from the standard patrol tanks, the Bonaparte's outer armour is made of steel, taken from the Tiger Special.

It must also be mentioned that Leona maintains a very unhealthy fixation for her personal tank and would be criminals should steer clear of anything that might even scratch Bonapartes paint job.