Why do songs filled with misery rate so highly in popular opinion?

There's Adam's Song, Last Kiss (currently in the charts as recorded by Pearl Jam) about a fatal car accident, and slightly less recently Macy Grey's Still Light Up, a song about domestic violence and a woman's longing to be with her abusive lover.

And people say the songs are "good." Not the tunes, but the songs themselves.

You know, if I hear Adam's Song too many more times in the next few days I really might throw my radio out my window.

It's been 10 weeks since my brother's suicide, and only now is it beginning to hurt.

Mt brother was listening to this song while he was dying - although I'm not sure whether he was listening to it with his ears or only with his mind - and at that point I had never heard it played. Not once.

In the last two days my radio station has played Adam's Song approximately seven hundred thousand times. Well, more than a dozen times really, but it feels like so many more.

I don't blame the song for his death any more than I blame the religion he had become involved with, but I do blame the song for making me unnecessarily unhappy in the aftermath.