I'm honest enough to admit that I am turned on by lesbians. I got that fantasy on my own, rather than from viewing a smuggled Penthouse. But my fantasy is not logical. Women have sex with women, because women turn them on. Not because they're thinking of a man, have been abused, or because they haven't had the "right" man. Which is fortunate, because my experience suggests if the right man were a precondition for heterosexuality, we'd be extinct.

But I do have an idea that might explain why men are so turned on by lesbian sex. For lack of a better name, I call it Rutting Deer Syndrome.

Humans evolved from a common ancestor with most apes. Many species are organized in packs led by a dominant male and consisting of adult females and children, who are often his offspring. The "Leader of the Pack" earns his ruts by fighting, defeating other male challengers to his crown. This pattern is repeated throughout the animal kingdom, with rutting males fighting for the right to mate, although rarely to the death. This serves one evolutionary purpose in assuring the strongest get to breed. Of course, it also guarantees the most aggressive get to breed, and aggression is not always a desired trait.

But pity the poor dominant male. If he wants to screw, he has to fight. Everyone wants to knock him off. So while he gets his rocks off, he's also pretty sore. Dominant males enjoy a short time at the top before age or injury renders them unable to defend their crown.

In essence, the male attraction to lesbians is an evolutionary artifact. It's instinct. In lesbian porn men see two or more sexually receptive women, with no other male around to butt heads with! In addition, we have the potential to impregnate more than one woman. Nirvana for those who argue that our real purpose is to pass on our genes. Our pre-ape "instinct" wouldn't teach us that lesbians aren't interested. Lesbian behavior has been observed in modern apes, often as females negotiate dominance among themselves. Our inner homo erectus evolved regarding lesbian behavior being normal among the harem. He'll get his turn.

Unfortunately, I can think of no way to test my idea, so it can't become theory. But Rutting Deer Syndrome does explain why guys are so fascinated with women who agree that we aren't their type.

Unless, of course, its just the normal interest in things we can't have.

Dominant males orangutans often kill infants when they first achieve dominance, to return the females into estrus Which may be the same reason that when a human child is murdered or abused the first person suspected is the step-parent.