Oh wow, If you don't like football or the Cleveland Browns, then just move on, because I'm about to rant and rave. Did anyone see the freaking game? Where did Kelly Holcolm come from? He is one helluva player. He had some incredible poise for somebody who hasn't started over 12 games in 6 years. Granted, the line was giving him some good protection. Our defense was playing terrible. We had an incredible pass defense last year, now we suck...I don't understand it. We stopped up Holmes for a while, but then we started getting tired and he ran all over us.

And to continue with the bad...Dwayne Rudd...I will be surprised if tomorow there's a picture on the front page of the paper of Rudd swinging from a rope on a light post. That stupid mother fucker. That is a huge problem with the NFL of today. Too flashy...the players get too hyped up with just making a tackle. That guy is unbelievable. Alright...I guess we'll get over it, but hopefully the Brownies will use it to get pumped for the next games. We'll see how they face adversity.