A short story:

I stopped the car and opened the trunk. A small man peered out and said, "Hi! My name's Booga." I shut the trunk and got back in the car. I blinked my eyes a few times and then peeled out onto the road. I stopped at Dunkin' Donuts as usual, and went inside. There sat Booga on a stool eating a maple pershings with nuts. I took a seat at a booth and looked at the menu.

"Can I take your order?" someone said to my left. There stood Booga in a black skirt. I then left realizing how late I was. Traffic was somewhat congested with cars this morning. My radio blurted out sounds of Booga as I scanned local cars for any attractive young ladies. I turned to my left and met face to face with Booga in a police uniform.

Booga said, "Can you please step out of the car." Sometimes it's handy to be able to ram cars and people without a second thought. Halfway through the intersection several Boogas strapped with dynamite were blocking lanes, so I had to add a few dents to my fender.

I made it to work at about 4:30 after a few run ins with Booga forces carrying riot shotguns. As I sat bleeding at my desk, Booga peered into my cubicle and shouted, "You're fired." Suddenly I felt better about my day...or maybe that was the loss of blood