Tim by The Replacements--1985 Warner Brothers
Produced by Tommy Erdelyi

Paul Westerberg: vocals, guitar, piano
Bob Stinson: lead guitar
Tommy Stinson: bass
Chris Mars: drums

Alex Chilton: backing vocals on "Left of the Dial"

Hold My Life
I'll Buy
Kiss Me On The Bus
Dose Of Thunder
Waitress In The Sky
Swingin Party
Bastards Of Young
Lay It Down Clown
Left Of The Dial
Little Mascara
Here Comes A Regular

Arguably the best Mats album, this was not only their debut record on Warner Brothers, making them one of the earliest "indie" bands to make the leap to the major lables (one of the other early groups was hometown buddies Husker Du), it is also the last album to feature Bob Stinson on guitar; within a year, he would be fired for drug and alcohol abuse (ironic, given Paul and Tommy's intake at the time).

Oh yes--and rumor is that the title is derived from Monty Python and the Holy Grail