DO go to:
  • The Philadelphia Record Exchange: 5th and South
  • Noise Pollution: 4th, down from South. records (vinyl) (But watch it; one of the guys is a damn skinhead. Not that he has a shaved head--he's going bald--but the politics are... disgusting. But great records, definately great records to be found)
  • Spaceboy Records: 5th. Great store. Check out the second floor for used and vinyl.
  • Zipperhead: right next door. As immortalized in the song "Punk Rock Girl" by The Dead Milkmen. A clothing store of the best variety.
  • The Bean Cafe: 7th St. Good coffee
  • The Brick Playhouse: 7th St. I write and (occasionally) act here
  • Garland of Letters: 6th St. New Age bookstore, with lots of Buddhist and Hindu resources.
  • The Book Trader: corner of 5th and South. Awesome used book store; two floors of second-hand bliss.
  • The South Street Diner: 2nd. 24-7, always good service.
  • Lorenzo's Pizza: 3rd. But don't stay there--it's none too sanitary. I mean, it's a hole. But the pizza's great.
  • Theater of the Living Arts (TLA): 4th. Concert venue of relatively small and avant garde acts.
  • Tattooed Moms: 5th. Good bar, indie clientel.
  • Manny Browns: 5th. Another good bar--Tex-Mex.

DO NOT go to:

  • The Gap
  • McDonald's
  • KFC
  • Tower Records