What most people don't mention--but should--is that President Harry Truman gave General Reinhard Gehlen asylum in America so that he wouldn't have to go to trial with the other Nazis (we did that a lot more than most people know--that's how most of NASA got most of its scientists; our Nazis were--in the long run--smarter than Russia's Nazis). In exchange, Gehlen agreed to reorganize the OSS to be more like Hitler's Intelligence agencies. Gehlen was head of the Nazi's anti-Soviet Intelligence agency during WWII, and so it is arguable that paranoid fascist beliefs about the Communists helped fuel the Cold War on the American side (of course, the USSR didn't help--I'm not about to let Stalin off the hook). He went on to become one of America's most powerful spies, even forming his own group, the Gehlenapparat, mostly made up of ex-Nazis and Czarist Russians. Better yet, they didn't answer to the CIA, they answered to Gehlen. And who did Gehlen answer to? (Who does the CIA answer to, also? The president? I don't know if that's good or bad.)

Now--don't you feel better knowing that the CIA takes its cues from the Nazis? Do you still believe that its always working in our--or anyone's--best interest?

By the way--this is true; the CIA now admits to this dark little piece of history.