PRoton pump Inhibitor called LOw SECretion of acid

An antacid drug whose television advertising campaign is final and irrefutable proof that American culture a bloated, diseased and tortured collective soul. The television commercials for this pill are this: A huge 3d purple word, PRILOSEC, is danced upon against a nice poofy cloud background by joyous young humans, one with an umbrella, while these purple pills fall from the sky. The announcer suggests, amiably, "Ask your doctor about the Purple Pill they call Prilosec..." and the commercial ends without ever hinting in any way what the pill might be for, relying on the wonderful social phenomenon that it really doesn't matter, a purple pill is for sale, happy people and pretty falling pills are always uplifting, must make you happier, at least happier than you are now, so why not ask your doctor about that purple pill "They" call Prilosec today, whatever it does!