A Boat Beast is contemporary Naval slang for any of the several variety of huge, disfigured creatures that pass themselves off as human females and trudge around in the bowels of Naval vessels. Contrary to what you might expect, Boat Beasts are not required to hunt for their prey. Their natural habitat is shared with a much larger population of equally unfortunate creatures known collectively as "squids." Squids, which in certain geographical regions such as aircraft carriers, can out number Boat Beasts by as many as several hundred to one, are known for their inability to distinguish between anything with an opening, let alone a womanesque Boat Beast, and a human woman. It is exremely rare to spot a Boat Beast outside of a Naval vessel. If you should spot one, however, it is strongly recommended that you not try to apprehend it yourself. Instead contact your local recruiting office, and a team will be hastily dispatched to retrieve her.