Have you ever seen the movie Clerks? I beleive it was the academic advisors that look for the perfect dozen eggs at the quickie mart. This shows you how much academic advisors know about life. For there is obviously no perfect dozen. In man's ever increasing ability to get something out of what might not be there, I've always seen this as Kevin Smith's way of telling us that the persuit of perfection is only taken on by those that have not yet realized their purpose in life(thus the academic advisor).

To get to my point. Sometimes a friendship requires a little give and take. You take away the concept of true friendship and what you give is a peice of your time, your sanity, or your liver(just a little humor, ok).

Why was it so hard for your academic advisor to see this? Because he/she could not see past the me me me syndrome of modern living. God forbid you take a peice of your time to help someone else, even if the return is at a loss for you.

So, don't lose the roomate, embrace the opportunity to help someone less fortunate than you, and in return accept the friendship she offers, its the concept of Tsedaka.