I actually own one of these amazing cars, and I'd like to report that it is fantastic. The fuel economy is excellent (I get slightly better than the advertised figures, on average - sometimes as high as 60mpg if driven sensibly). The ride quality is good. The interior trim is impeccable (mine is cream leather - a nice contrast to the midnight blue exterior). The overall experience of owning one is simply a joy.

If I have one minor niggle, it is the amount of luggage space - not quite as large as one would hope for in a car of this class. However, the amount of interior space is excellent - I am quite tall (over 6 feet) and often find cars cramped (particularly in the rear seat) - but the Honda Civic Hybrid has plenty of room for me in whichever seat I use.

The cost was not too bad either - I bought it second-hand (6,500 miles on the clock) for under £13,000 (non-UK people - bear in mind the UK car market charges massively inflated prices compared to continental Europe, never mind the US). Running costs are very low, and servicing is straightforward.

Oh - and this machine is stylish! When I told my work colleagues (who all drive Mercs and BMWs) that I'd got a new car, they were interested - when I told them it was a Honda Civic, they stopped being interested - when they saw it, they were all "Oh, it doesn't look like a Civic - it's pretty cool!". Most of them agree it's closer in looks to an Accord than a standard Civic (which is seen as an old person's car in the UK).

All in all, I love my Civic Hybrid, and will be looking out for another one when I have to trade in my existing one. They're quite rare in the UK, so I might have to search, but the superior quality and economy of this car make it worthwhile.