Earlier today, I wrote a daylog, in the firm intention of posting it. But (as I wrote it at work and mailed it to myself to node from home) I've had the opportunity of thinking twice. The daylog you aren't reading now was a rambling account of winter depression and the irritations of being single. I've still got noder's block - something else my old daylog whinged about - but I expect it'll pass. Winter depression is the same every year, but I can beat it. After all, it's purely chemical. Life treats me pretty well, and I've not a lot to be depressed about. As for the singleness, well, it still annoys me. But then what am I supposed to do? I can't conjure an ideal partner out of thin air, or expect one to send me an e-mail out of the blue. I get out plenty, and have an extremely busy life in some respects, so I shouldn't fret. Time will tell. My ideal partner might be reading this right now, for all I know. (If you are, get in touch.) I still worry that my relative lack of empathy is going to cost me dearly one of these days. The best I can do is to be honest. I'll just have to hope that someone sees past my neuroses and my romantic ineptitude, and loves me anyway.

Happy New Year, e2.