/me misses Hermetic

As it was said before, i dont daylog, for may reasons, but this is an exception.

I woke up this morning to the screen showing the live shot of the 2nd tower falling down. This of course woke me up faster than a knife wound to the kidneys. After i soon found out what happened, and started to get on with my life, i learn that a plane hit the pentagon. This was not that big of a deal to me at first, the pentagon is a fortress, its big and strong, not easily blown up. Then it dawned on me that my father works for the DIA and has a very real possibility of being in the pentagon on this ill fated day. It took me 4 hours to finally get in contact with my mother. Turns out, he was at the pentagon. He had just steped outside for a bit to eat with a few friends, looked up in the sky, pointed to the incoming plane and said "look at that" just before impact.


But he is okee. Well, in body he is, in mind he is still shaken up.

As am i

I am losing my faith in humanity. This is very sad, most people do not understand the depth of faith humanity has in itself. Most of it is blind, but there is a lot of it that is also real.

But I digress

The one thing that made all of this hit home is the passing of our dear friend Hermetic. Adam was a great guy, and a excellent noder. Why what happened did, i dont know, or attempt to figure it out. I found out today because i have been lax in my noding, and have preety much fallen out of the crowed here. But not that it matters anymore. With all the loss of life going on in the world, as long as someone has something to hold on to i guess they will be fine. It seems that Hermetic just lost his. Im really sorry about this. That is all.


/me misses Hermetic

Update: Well, the world in recovering, and we are at war. Or so it seems. The new year came in without any mess, and new york is doing well. Interestingly enough, my "fuck you all" node was not only filled, but then shortened. What a world. Peace everybody.