There is a difference between erotic and pornographic - although it's not the one most people think about.

Some will tell you that it's all about the graphics : how much you show, how explicitly you show it, blah blah blah - there (they'll say) lies the distinction between delicate eroticism and vulgar pornography.

Blatant Hypocrisy.

The difference lies not in what is shown - it lies in the effects it has on you. Pornography is a purely technical word : it simply means showing flesh in action, period. No other meaning (either positive or negative) implied.

Eroticism is on another level (the meta level, if you like) : it's about using some degree of pornography (recisely which degree is irrelevant) to awake something obscure, something upsetting in your inner self. You know what I mean, not just a good hard-on, not that simple, joyful, bestial impulse, no, something much darker - a very deep, very poignant confusion.

You can have a better idea by 1) watching some good X-rated movie, and 2) reading (eg) Story of O.

You'll feel the difference.

Note: Any philosophical consideration aside, watching X-rated movies, or reading such a masterpiece of litterature as Story of O is never a bad idea.

Note2: Thanks to P_I for signalling that the etymological meaning of pornography is "writing about prostitutes".