I am a gamer. For many years, I have spent my life playing every kind of video game that I could aquire. Every few years I upgrade to something better and faster. However, I never forget about the classics which I loved even when the gaming world had made their technology obsolete. Old games may become replaced by new, better games, but the old games are what made us love the genre.

Tonight I have embarked on a quest, though it has proven to be near impossible. I want to fnd a copy of Syndicate, Bullfrog's classic squad level strategy game. While games like commandos have shown us what the squad based genre can do, There is nothing better than remember the first time you realized that the persuadatron wins above everything else.

My quest has proven hard as no one on the internet still has a full copy of the game on their websites or ftp servers. I can understand the problem of copyright and legality, but why should it be so? Syndicate came on several disks when it originally shipped and can easily be posted on any website. But why do game corporations care if people are "pirating" old games which they no longer make or sell anymore?

I think after a game has been out for a certain time, a game company should offer it at cost of production and handling or should allow users to freely download them from the internet. I mean I doubt anyone is really rolling over in their grave because someone has put up an old rom of Super Mario Brothers 2 or some old install files of masters of orion.

Well, my rant is done for now. Btw the way, MOO is available online in its entire format. YOU GO MICROPROSE! Also Monolith has release the game code for Shogo.