The Tale of the...
Oh enough of that. Let's just get on with things.

Well I finally popped back to see how my latest contribution to the "nodegel" has done. (See how I've picked up some of the jargon.) Oh, better than the last one I see, perhaps I might even be getting the hang of this.

And even some messages. Now I like messages. Messages are feedback, messages are a reaction, messages are little ripples on the pond after I'v whacked my large pebbles at it..... Well a lot of people thought my Pile of Kittens was sad. Which it is really, since it features both death and disappointment, neither of which are normally happy subjects, but sad

2002.11.13 at 00:07 O****** says re Pile of kittens: This w/u rules. Ignore the playahataz.

(And no, I've got no idea what "playahataz" means either. It must be a real word, as it's on Google. Still couldn't work out what it meant though. Must be one of those 1337 things. I shall have to ask.)

2002.11.09 at 16:21 B****** says re Pile of kittens: I like this a lot better than the first entry.
I don't understand why that one did so well ...

Dear B***** I suspect that "first entry", "did so well" (I assume that having twelve of those exclamation mark things is a mark of great success.) because it is both cute and sentimental and cute and sentimental always plays well in certain quarters. But I shouldn't let that worry you any more than it worries me; cute and sentimental isn't (yet) a crime.

Now the tale my Pile of Kittens tells is true enough. Or at least the truth as I remember it. After all it is my memory of someone else's memory, so the truth has been filtered through many layers of perception, and whether what I ended up writing is now totally ojective record of events I do not know. I wrote it because (obviously) something in thatgirl's writeup triggered my recollection and gave me the idea to write what I did.

One suggestion comes in from C****** who says;

2002.11.09 at 19:10 re Pile of kittens: Here's an upvote, but please consider
moving this writeup to another node. Pile of kittens is famous here, and not for this

Well I've considered it, but no, I think I'm quite happy with it where it is. (The Powers That Be may disagree and do what they will as is their wont.) My Pile of kittens was both inspired by, and is a response to the write up that precedes it. They are both the better (or so I think) read in conjuction.

Consider it my antidote to sentimentality; I wanted to remind people that our projection of anthropomorphic cuteness onto small fluffy mammals is a product of a place and time that permits us that luxury. There have been different times and there are different places.