One of the most amusing attractions at The webmaster, Sharkey, is one of the most hilarious guys on earth and dedicates his site to gaming, rants, and funny to weird stuff in general.

The whiteboard is a real kick. You enter and all around the entry screen is a collage of some of the most peculiar drawings ever (all are from the whiteboard, of course). Then there are drawing on the whiteboard that Sharkey chooses to save and are on display in 15 seperate galleries. Those pictures range from hilarious to downright disturbing. There are now 3 seperate whiteboards, and at any particular time four ppl can be on one whiteboard at once. With four people, and one piece of canvas, things can get pretty weird. Usually you have something like one guy actually trying to make something cool, the second person who keeps erasing everything, the abstract artist that just scribbles, and my favorite, the dork drawing penises into everything. Ah! the joy of wasting time with the world's strange on a whiteboard at some little known website!Everything2 should have a whiteboard.