Michael Jackson's nose

I feel a bit apprehensive about posting a node on Michael Jackson’s nose, but I’ve heard so many rumours about it, on TV, on radio, from friends, etc, that I figured I’d actually look into the facts and find out. So here is a history of his Michael Jackson’s nose, and facial plastic surgery. I counted nine total verifiable rhinoplasty jobs.

1984 – Age 26: Michael Jackson has his nose narrowed, and his eyebrows shaped.

1985 – Age 27: Michael Jackson has his nose narrowed more. Permanent eyeliner is tattooed around his eyes.

1987 – Age 29: Michael Jackson first shows severe signs of turning into a white woman. His nose is operated on once again, and the surgery goes wrong. We also see cheek bones. His voice also changes considerably. Rumours also begin that Michael has Vitiligo, a rare skin disorder.

1991 – Age 32: Michael has his nose done yet again, his eyebrows are thinned and shaped even more. Jaw work is done, giving him a square jaw line. His new nose has a bridge you could shave with. (though you wouldn’t want to)

1993 – Age 34: Cheeks and nose (again!). By now, it is reported that there has been so much work on his nose the tissue has died and he needs a prosthetic tip for it.

1997 – Age 38: Yet even more surgery, this time on his entire face. He has a false chin implant, nose job again, god knows what happened to his cheeks, and his skin… well his skin had seen better days.

1999 – Age 41: I might as well paste the last entry. Chin, nose, cheeks, jaw… He’s whiter than I am at this point (and most people need to wear welding goggles when I go swimming to lessen the glare).

2000 – Age 41: Michael grows facial hair? Has his jaw, eyes, and lips done. He now looks like something like an anime character.

2001 – Age 42: If you could see the photo I just did, it would make you cringe. No wonder he wasn’t seen much. At this point his face is a complete wreck, there aren’t words to describe this. It would appear that the rumour about the fake tip in his nose is true. His nose looks like it’s missing a healthy chunk on the tip. I can’t look at this photo any more.

2002 – Age 43/44: Michael has his nose fixed, again, thank god, but apparently not too well. Photos taken later in the year make the tip of his nose look like hamburger before cooking. He has also gotten in the habit of wearing surgical masks while in public “to avoid pollution and germs”. Right.

There is very strong evidence to suggest that Michael has body dysmorphic disorder according to Dr. Laurie Casas, chairwoman of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery’s communication commission.

Now, there is very strong photographic evidence to suggest that the tip of his nose is, in fact, dead. It certainly appears hollow and scarred in numerous recent photos. Wearing a surgical mask all the time would definitely lend credibility to this rumour as well. There are web sites that claim it is both true and false, but the only people who know for certain are Michael Jackson, and whomever screwed up his gelfling face and turned it into hamburger paste with bad hair. Reason being, there is a verifiable threat of lawsuit by his lawyer, Martin Singer should it be claimed as fact, though I could not find what legal grounds it would be on.