We attended a wedding at the Rollright Stones - it was on a cold, wet night, the sky was dull and overcast, there was no moon or stars... It was atmospheric, allright.

Compared Stonehenge, and I have to say I found the Rollrights more impressive - there is something undignified about an ancient stone circle with a shop next to it, high entrance fees and lorries rushing past on the busy A4.

The Rollright Stones are set back from the road, surrounded by fields and trees, and as they are on private property the area is clean and well looked after - there is no littering of any kind, no touching the stones, and even the candles we were all carrying had to be in jars to prevent wax from dripping on the stones.

As evidenced by our friend's wedding, the stones can be booked for events, although I don't know through whom or at what charge. Even if you're not the devoutly Pagan type, but just looking for something different, I'd certainly reccommend them.