Some other silly folds for bills. I have only done these with American currency, but I suspect they can be adapted.
Use of a crisp new bill and sharp edges will greatly increase your yield.

The Fan
This is your basic fan that anyone can make. It is extremely easy but something to do to pass the time.

1) Holding the bill horizontally, start at the border. Simply fold short white border in. Continue to fold this way alternating the direction of the fold going back and forth. Try to keep the size of each fold the same as it makes for a much sharper fan. You really need to try to keep the folds the same size and parallel, as it definitely improves the quality. (Note: You do not need to start with the white border; it is just a handy landmark. The more alternating folds the cooler it is)

2) Take the bottom of one of the ends and simply fold it over. This gives a base for the fan and holds it together.

3) Now simply spread out the fan. And you’re done!

The Heart or Valentine
This will make you a quick decent heart out of a bill, good for tips for that cute waitress/waiter or if you happen to need a quick gift.

1) Start by folding the bill exactly in half lengthwise two times.

2) Wrap the bill around in a loop, and insert one end into the other. Basically you slide each end into the other locking it tight. You’ll want it a bit less than a half inch or so deep.

3) Fold the middle of the overlapped pieces as tightly as you can. (This holds it in place.) Do the same to the opposite end of the circle.

4) Take the non-overlapped end and push it in towards the center. You should see a heart forming. Don’t push it all the way; just make it look like a heart.

5) Now you’ll have two points, fold a bit of each of these corners to make them hold. Now just work with the heart till it looks good.