Transmission coming in.

Transmission coming in.

Transmission received.

We are losing the rigging. Someone let it freeze and now it is as brittle as shredded wheat. The sails are coming down. We must switch to auxiliary power. They will find us. We will show up on their scanners now. We have no other choice. Drop rigging. Go to full auxiliary power.

Compartments six and eight are completely flooded. We are listing to port. Redistribute weight as necessary. Rigging has dropped. We are now relying completely on auxiliary power. We do not know if we have been picked up yet. Sensors report a small fire on deck, starboard side. Redistribute weight and extinguish fire.

Transmission interrupted.


Transmission continues.

Sensors report small fire, starboard side extinguished. Weight distribution successful. Compartments six and eight require bailing. We have been picked up. Current angle allows for contact in six hours. Contact is inevitable. Resistance is useless. Advise make best use of time possible.

Compartments eighteen and twenty-four report new flooding. Contact may not be inevitable. It may have become necessary for life review experience. Please hold while contact is made with personal files. Replay of key moments of life loaded. Will transmit on your command.

Stand by. Transmission options not set.
Please indicate desired playback option.
Full Memory, Restricted Recollections or Enhanced Positive Ending Sequence.

Indication has been made. Desire is expressed for Restricted Recollections. Playback begins now.

Urgent transmission.

Flooding has exceeded ability to maintain buoyancy. Recollections may need to be done on an independent basis. Ability to commence playback will be lost within thirty seconds. Will attempt playback. Success not guaranteed. Good luck.

End transmission.