Then slowly comes the light.
At first the light is blinding.
Then it becomes cool and soothing.
It illuminates the area completely.
Then dims to a quiet amber glow.
I can see people standing around me.
I cannot make out their faces.


It is the only word spoken to me by a husky male voice to my right. I turn to look at him. He stands there, silent and still, nods and smiles quietly. He does not move. I cannot see his face. I do not know who he is. I do not recognize his voice.

"What is this place?"

I have grown accustomed to asking this question and not receiving an answer, except for maybe a riddle. This time I am moderately surprised by the answer, because it seems to mean something to me within the dream. Later on, when I awaken, it will not seem so clear.

"This is the time of the convergence. It is near."

I begin to walk forward, I feel a rough dirt path covered with pine needles under my bare feet. I am surrounded by pine trees and there is a lake up ahead. The others around me are also walking slowly towards the lake.

We are intending to walk out into the lake. We are doing this for a purpose. It has something to do with this "convergence" but I am not quite sure what. I wake up before any of us reach the lake.