Prozzäk (The correct spelling), is a Candian based band. It consists of two members of the Philosopher Kings; Jay Levine (AKA: Simon*) and James McCollum (AKA: Milo*). The bands first disc "Hot Show" (Also refered to as "Prozzäk's Hot Show") relased in 1997, contained such gleeful earcandy as "Sucks to be you", "Wild Thing", "New York", "Europa", and "Omobolasire".

Prozzäk relased the majority of the Hot Show album as videos, so much so, they later relased the "Hot Show Video", which contained the videos for all the hits that came off Hot Show.

Prozzäk second disc "Saturday People" from what I've heard, is a lesser disc - Most songs are quite obviously lack origionality and detail that was found in the origional Hot Show disc. However, the first single to be relased (aperently) will be "www.nevergetoveryou".

One of the more celver things Prozzäk did was portray a story of a love doomed person by the name of Simon, and his all to supportive assistant Milo in a quest to find Simons true love - by the end of the Hot Show Disc, Simon is still without a love, all be it, he has had some interesting expereces. The whole disc plays out much like an opera. However, as I've not purchaed "Saturday People" yet, I cant really say if it follows along the same lines.

* People have been playing head games with me, and I'm currently conflicted whos who, but I think I have it right as current.