Jinn (aka Djinn or Ginn)

In Arabic and Islamic lore, a type of spirit being that became demonized in Christianity. Like the DAEMON, jinn can be either good or evil. They possess supernatural powers, and can be conjured in magical rites to perform various tasks and services. A jinnee (singular) appears as a wish-granting "genie" in many Arabic folktales.

In pre-Islamic lore the jinn are malicious, are born of fire, and are not immortal. They live with other supernatural beings in the Kaf, a mythical range of emerald mountains that encircles the Earth. They like to roam the deserts and wilderness. Usually they are invisible, but they have the power to shapeshift to any form, be it insect, animal or human.

Islamic theology absorbed and modified the jinn; some became beautiful and good-natured. According to lore they were created 2000 years before Adam and Eve, and are equal to angels in stature. Their ruler, IBLIS, refused to worship Adam, and so was cast out of heaven along with his followers. Iblis became the equivalent of the Devil, and the followers all became demons.