I had three dreams but I can only remember two, so here goes:

Dream One

I'm at school, though it's a mix of my highschool and university, I'm sitting in a room with a one way mirror and already I'm scared. I'm suppose to solve who a murderer is before he kills me, and I know I've played this game before and should know the answer. Now I see him entering the room behind the mirror, he's in a clown outfit, one much resembling that of Tim Curry in IT. He follows a girl into another room and I quickly make my escape. Okay now I've seen him. I know he's looking for me so I try to find someone to be with so I can't be killed. So there's lots of wandering around the school and dodging. I see a girl I know and call her The 5th for some reason, something like because she's the 5th girlfriend of some guy I know.

"Quick 5th, who was the murderer in this game?" I ask, knowing that someone like her shouldn't know things like this anyway.
"Wasn't it Steven Fulk (pronounced Faulk)?" she answers.
"Yes that's it! Stay with me okay?" I reply.
"I can't my class is starting in a few seconds, I have to go," she replies.
"Foiled!" I exclaim.

I see him coming down a hallway and quickly dodge into a classroom, I notice that the students are smiling but there's something weird about them. There's a professor there and he's writing a name on the board, it says:

"Welcome worshippers to the class of the Professor Steven Fulk."
I freak out and the prof points to me and I'm being held by the students and they start attacking me. I luckily dodge a lot of hits, but then the murderer enters the room I'm like screwed! But somehow I envision these knives in my hand, large machetes and start chopping my way through, and a girl runs into the class named Beth, supposedly she's my best friend but in real life I don't know anyone named Beth and she helps me out. I eventually chop the murderers hands off and the scene changes.

Now we're in some forest, cliff, water setting. We're all standing in the water and somehow the Murderer turns into The Rock (you know wrestling guy), and he's like, "through all these centuries I've gained the power to regrow my hands and they grow back and he puts a spell over Beth so she's falling in love with him. I try to do anything to stop it but to no avail and the dream kind of just faded away because I think I was waking up a little.

Dream Two

I get a call about getting a job as a director or tag along for a new movie starring Julianne Moore. It's suppose to be a prequel or sequel to Silence of the Lambs or Hannibal, it's what if she didn't turn into a Cannibal and it's a brand new case. So I go over to her apartment and we talk about it and she says "it takes place in Taiwan" and I'm like Wow I can visit my friend that's there right now!

Anyway then there's this guy who's sitting in her apartment and shooting holes in the walls and ceilings and I'm like:
"I had a friend who died because someone was shooting holes randomly in their apartment," Though I don't!
Zoom onto the holes panning by with whipping sounds.
Julianne Moore and I are on a truck heading for Taiwan... somehow since we're coming from CAnada or the STates?... and we're on narrow roads with crazy drivers, when we finally arrive at the scene it somehow turns real. We get on these weird contraptions that make us pump with our legs to move them over to the spot where the body they found was placed. On the way we see Alyson Hannigan and Alicia Witt chatting on the railway tracks about how they should film the scene.

Okay so it's like a chute with gritty rock and we try to contemplate how the body was put down there, if it was thrown down the chute (it's an open one that leads to water, you can easily climb down) some tears or remnants would be on teh rocks and how did the guy get down there? Well there's lots of arguing and finally I start talking, they wouldn't listen at first because I'm not a FBI agent I'm just a psychologist. I have a whole theory that went like this:

"Okay, he dragged the body to this spot in a bag, he has gloves on, he ties a rope over here (indicating to a wooden post) but I change my idea because there would be rope marks from the stress of the pulling and there would be fibers left. So I say, he literally climbs down with the body and places it into the water he can't slide it down it'll tear and we would've found stuff on the chute. He has gloves on everything so he won't leave a mark. And he was wearing smooth sneakers to they wouldn't be caught easily on the rocks and torn. So by definition he pulled himself back up this chute with incredible strength alone."
They accept this and we continue to the building to put this into the data entry and then I go to use the phone to call my friend which doesn't work because I don't even know her number. My sister is there for no reason. And then I wake up! ARGH!