I think I'm ranting. Yes I get the grade back from the class I thought I was doing well in. Actually I know I'm doing well in. I need at least a 3.8 GPA to get into grad school. Yes. So I get back my mark from my exam for Abnormal Psychology. I have 78.788888%. NO!!!!!!!!!!!!! The class average was 85% on the exam and standard deviation was 6. According to the EVIL UBC Psychology Department rules, all classes must have a Mean of 68% and a Standard Deviation of 13. Yes I was scaled down to 78.88888%. I hate the stupid Scaling rules! I have been screwed over way too much!

Oh well I still have hope for next term but I already feel burned out. Hey but I also do feel set, as long as I stay above a 72% average I can continue to Directed Studies for next year since one of my profs already offered me a position in her lab for the summer and winter. It was the happiest day of my life when I got an email from her saying I got the highest grade in my class! It was exciting because I've never gotten the highest grade in any class so I ran around jumping and screaming and calling all of my friends. Sigh! I thought I would go through hell next year and the year after begging for profs to let me work in their labs going through grueling interviews, but no not anymore. I'm guaranteed a spot. I must constantly think about this opportunity to make myself feel better about my grades in ABnormal Psych and Analysis of Behavioural Data which I know I'm going to fail next term, and the Experimental Psych I sucked at this term.

Good luck everyone on your courses!:)