The Riva deglia Schiavone (Even the Italians can't seem to agree on how to spell it; my maps have 'Riva,' 'Rive,' 'Riva della,' 'Riva deglia,' etc.) is the southern waterfront of the eastern island of the city of Venice, Italy. It is close to the Plaza San Marco, and at one time was the main port of the Venetian Republic. Now, it is the main vaporetto stop, as well as where all manner of pleasure craft, gondolas and other boats dock.

This promenade, in the summer, is guaranteed to be chock full of tourists, gelati vendors, overpriced tourist cafes, street artists, stalls selling all manner of completely tasteless souvenirs (example: A necktie that, when unfolded, has naked women on it, or 'Pokemon' T-Shirts) and chintzy versions of Murano glass.