Munro is also the title of a children's (and adults') book by Jules Pfeiffer. There are a few comic-art stories in it; the title piece is about a four-year-old boy named (surprise) Munro who is drafted by the army. No-one, of course, will believe him when he says "I'm only four," which is pretty much all he says the whole time. His take on army life is freakin' hilarious, especially when mated with Pfeiffer's trademark pencil sketch silliness.

For example, his take on The Sergeant:

The Sergeant could not, apparently, speak English. None of The Sergeants could. They spoke in code. This captions a drawing of marching drill with the Sergeant shouting "HUP! TOOP! THREEP! FOURP! HUP! TOOP! COMMMMPNEEEEEEEE....HULT!"

The next game they all played was called 'Face.' It was very popular. Everyone was doing it. The drawing here shows a disastrous close-order drill, recruits facing every which way, while The Sergeant screams (so loudly that all we can see are his chin and his tonsils) "RYE FACE! LEF FACE! FRONT FACE! BACK FACE! UP FACE! DOWN FACE! FACE FACE!"

Another frequent game was called 'bendover.' This one has pictures of Munro cleaning ovens, digging trenches, mopping floors, all bent over his task.

When Munro finally insists he's only four, they send him to Sick Call, where a doctor walks down the rows of hacking, coughing soldiers muttering to himself "Everybody's faking, everybody's faking, everybody's faking... He gives Munro some pills for the condition of being four and tells him to stop faking.

The entire book is a commentary on the military and the Cold War arms race; the last sequence involves atmospheric atomic testing, complete with sound effects (BASH) and the problems that crop up when there are all sorts of little floating black specks in the atmosphere. (Hint: it involves billboard campaigns extolling the notion that "YOUR GOVERNMENT wants YOU to know that Little Floating Black Specks are GOOD for YOU!") The last copy of this I saw was a paperback, and that some time ago. If you run across it in a used book sale, grab it and treasure it.