Braeriach is a 1296 metre ( 4251 feet ) tall mountain. It is one of the Cairngorms, a closely grouped collection of large mountains in the highlands of Scotland.

Braeriach is the third Tallest mountain in Scotland and is thus popular among climbers and hillwalkers although its remoteness is a drawback. If you attempt this mountain then you should be prepared for a long and possibly arduous day.

It's worth noting that the Braeriach area may be haunted by a creature straight out of the X-Files, in the same way as neighbouring Ben Macdui. It was sighted in the 1920s by an experienced climber and described as a huge grey figure with pointed ears, long legs, and feet with talons which looked more like fingers than toes.

The book Alien Animals by Janet and Colin Bord (1980) is a good source of information about this and similar creatures.

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