...at least, not as a lot of people use it. Although I understand that language evolves, and should rightfully be treated as a malleable tool, this particular misuse of a word never fails to irritate me. The only one which irritates me more is the mispronunciation of 'nuclear' - but that's a straight error. Anyhow, the probable reason this one annoys me is that it reeks of bizmarketingselfhelpactualizingbuzzwordspeak. It's usually used in sales presentations or the presentation of 'analyses' whose entire purpose seems to have been the generation of yet another Powerpoint presentation. Anyhow, please, repeat after me:

Impact is a noun!

The only appropriate use of impact as a verb is, according to Webster1913, to 'drive close together' or to 'wedge tightly' - as in a slow, short-distance movement with the intent of wedging something. A meteor ends its brief trip in an impact; however, it doesn't impact the surface. It strikes it.

Thanks Wintersweet for the noodge!