ok... i noticed this a couple years back with the verb 'disappear'. used to be you could make something disappear, or it could disappear by other means, but you couldn't actively 'disappear it'. well, that has all changed. now you can 'disappear' that paperwork so the IRS doesn't find it, or you can 'disappear' that Playboy so your girlfriend doesn't see it. so, you can disappear things now, can you do other things as well? what about staring a person? sure, you can stare AT them, but maybe you can just stare them too? and i don't see why you can't perish somebody, we have the saying, "perish the thought". could you see the next james bond villain ordering his goons to finish off ol' double-O seven? "Men, Perish him!"

hmmm..nyah..me either.

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