Verbs are related in three different catigories: Action, Linking, and Helping.

Action verbs include words such as:

  • piss
  • conjugate
  • misproportion
  • Linking verbs consist of the folowing:

  • am
  • is
  • are
  • was
  • were
  • seem
  • appear
  • look*
  • taste*
  • smell*
  • sound*
  • become
  • grow
  • remain
  • be (in all forms)
  • * commonly referred to as an action verb

    Helping verbs are:

  • be
  • has
  • have
  • had
  • will
  • shall
  • can
  • may
  • would
  • should
  • could
  • might
  • must
  • do
  • did
  • does
  • Buckminster Fuller authored the book, 'I Seem To Be a Verb'. It has a wacky proto-Wired Magazine look and feel. In it, he makes the thesis that there are no nouns, that physics has confirmed only the existence of energy coordination events. Hence, all nouns are actually verbs, including Mr. Fuller.

    Verb (?), n. [F. verbe, L. verbum a word, verb. See Word.]


    A word; a vocable.



    2. Gram.

    A word which affirms or predicates something of some person or thing; a part of speech expressing being, action, or the suffering of action.

    ⇒ A verb is a word whereby the chief action of the mind [the assertion or the denial of a proposition] finds expression.


    Active verb, Auxiliary verb, Neuter verb, etc. See Active, Auxiliary, Neuter, etc.


    © Webster 1913.

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