But, soft! What light through yonder window breaks? Or, the text window.

Inside the Apple ][+

Editor Log: October, 2002

Ahh. I see there has been a bit of a ruckus regarding the use of editor logs. A disagreement, of sorts, over how much information to offer, to avoid the seeming public exposure of 'failed nodes' - and thus, by implication, noders.


I will be censoring any kill messages that are rancorous, smackdown, or otherwise ungentle. However, in the interests of disclosure, those kills which I feel should be listed simply for reference (as well as links, edcools, miscellaneous twiddlin' and the like) will be placed here.


  • JSF (see above)
Fodder for the Node .45:
  • Mossad (thing) by DrugFrog (mercifully) The writeup is nearly incomprehensible due to errors, and the noder has been gone 5 months.
  • pungie stick (thing) by Grayman (mercifully)Already noded under Punji stick
  • No (thing) by masterdlx (mercifully) Doesn't add any information not in Webby1913 writeup.

Note: This will be my final Editor Log.

Hah. Gotcha.

As I am no longer a Content Editor, I may (and in fact already have been) forced to perform several acts of editing for reasons other than my own personal idea of what the content of this site should be. Since (as far as I can tell) the prime purpose of my editor logs has been to explicate (through example) what I feel hasn't made the grade, or needed help, or in fact anything that was straying from the path to database nirvana, then to log such acts as I have been called upon to do in time of need would distort said example.

Since I do not intend to shirk my responsibilities, especially now, I therefore should stop logging. Don't think this means the Node .45 lies quietly in a case somewhere; be wary indeed, for this merciless tool of kinetic doom may this very instant be itching to speak.