Apropos of nothing, the Disco Volante was the name of the villain Largo's motor yacht in the James Bond film Never say Never Again. Bond sneaks on board using SCUBA gear (ditching his buddy Felix Leiter in the process) and is met by the aforementioned villain's butler and, later, his girlfriend (played by Kim Basinger) and, of course, Largo himself (played by Klaus Maria Brandauer). This flick was notable as the only one to date (just post-{The World Is Not Enough]) to not have Desmond Llewelyn playing the indefatigueable Major Boothroyd, better known as Q. This is because it was filmed simultaneously with Octopussy, and Desmond was in that one.

In any case, it's also the name of a 1952 model year Alfa Romeo numbered the C2, with a 1900cc engine and a body shape that looks like a Jaguar E-type on LSD. It was a prototype, AFAIK, and was not produced (today it would have been called a concept car).

Apparently, it's also the name of a musical group and a brand of mountain bike, although I don't know much about that.

Oh. Sorry. The phrase roughly translates to 'flying saucer,' naturally.

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