I think that means 'I'm sorry', among other things, in some dialect of groun'chuck chile.
Mgnx I didn't come see you more. Mgnx I didn't come see you, in the end, earlier.

Your smile and your pen brought me to deepest California, a place I am not evolved to withstand.
Your laugh and your hug made me often wish, later, I was there.

You taught me that a place with no there, there could bring love.
You taught me that yes, there is someone out there for all of us, and I just haven't looked hard enough or long enough yet.
You taught me that surrender was not a goddamn option.
You taught me that I could matter, even to those who had no reason to know me until I made one.

I'll miss you, and every time I do I'll be thankful I knew you well enough to do so.