A letter to the inivisible girl.

While others cry and reminisce about the past, thinking about what used to be and never again will be, the ones who have forgiven and forgotten rise up to face the future.

I call up the next person who just joined the business. She's a silent partner and stays to her word. She has integrity. Our trade in business values is what our relationship is about. The thing is, we can also have fun.

The truth is, I've never had so much fun without you in my life. The lessons learned in the past can forever be put away as examples in which everything I did was wrong.

From the moment you left, my life changed for the better, because Everything I knew was wrong. And from that premise, I live my life now with the upmost uncertainty in which I can give myself the most security in knowing that things can always be that uncertain.

I now speak a language that most people do not comprehend. My attitude freaks people out. I've never lost my optimism, never lost myself. Through this last year and a bit, I've revealed more about myself, my truths and life's ambitions.

Meeting people, going to Paris, France for the first time to meet a great love, I continue to explore an unsatiated curiosity.

Falling in love twice after you is bliss. The girl from Maine has stolen my heart and soul. Last June when she visited here for an IBOS meant the beginning of everything. Travelling to Maine to see her friend's marriage was one in which you would have loved, exactly from that painting you had. And visiting her family in Christmas time was one thing you and I never had. We braved the winter weather to wind through the snow and ice-covered roads just like in the WRC. Oh the thrills!

Tori Amos is one of the greater things we now share. We danced to Your Cloud at her Scarlet's Walk concert like I did in Putting the Damage On, but this time, with truth.

You see, I regret nothing. None of my actions, none of my reactions. It was what it was because I didn't know any better. I now live a life with purpose and direction. Goal-setting is an activity only 3% of the entire modern world partake in. I know better.

I have finally awaken to find an unreal world that makes no sense. I have realized dreams with my current love. We will soon move-in together to share these dreams and hopes of a better life.

I'm glad it's over. How can I not be?

Writing this isn't to prove anything. It's merely a conversation I have with myself. Only this time around do you figure into part of it.