It's personal, now.

After having been at a Men in Action meeting last night where we learn everything from the mindset to dressing for success, the mission we have upon us is getting personal.

This is all I have. This and the woman that I love and have committed myself to make a life with. And the car I am trying so desperately to keep so that I can look forward to even more dreams being realized. I am now obsessed with my next goal, because when I reach it, I know that everything else will be achieved.

Our group has come to a conclusion that no one else will be doing what we're doing. We can orchestrate this to a point where we put in 10,000 people within the next few years, and by then, we'll be extremely wealthy in all aspects and be able to spread this wealth to anyone who wants it.

This business isn't where we can dilly-dally and to make as another hobby. Most of us want to replace our jobs with this. In a way, I already have.

I don't understand why people forgo into becoming an entrepeneur and stay in the employee quadrant in the Cashflow Quadrant. People need to get out of their comfort zone and to make something of themselves!

Our mission now is to give the gift of opportunity in teaching people how to have their own home-based business so that the rat race will only become a memory.