I can sympathize, Trina, about words not working. I have a problem with shutting up when the words don't work. I can talk and talk and write and write. I never have a problem with finding words, but they seldom help me and instead further spiral me into a vacuum of random thoughts. The more I say, the more I feel compelled to say; the same can be said for writing. It's almost like I feel the need to talk and write and that by doing so I will find a reason to write and talk, which also seldom works. It's an odd therapy, using words to convey that you don't know what to say.

When dealing with other people's indecision, I tell them that if they don't know, they should just say that, I don't know, that they shouldn't say anything else but that. But I often can't play by the same rules. And so, my words further confuse me and others and make a mess of things.

But it's all I can think to do most of the time. Writing, thinking, and talking. It makes me feel alive and dead at the same time.