Coined by Charles Platt in The Silicon Man (1991), an infomorph is an uploaded intelligence or other information entity which resides in a computer, usually a very large computer such as a Jupiter Brain or a Matrioshka Brain.

Infomorphs may be a desirable form for future humans, as it reduces the many types of resources required by biological systems to the two resources required by computers -- computronium and energy -- and grants us a host of benefits, from theoretical immortality to autoevolution (i.e., easy upgrading).

Additionally, infomorphs may refer to artificial intelligences or any other info-being that is not human (uploaded animals, aliens, swarm intelligences, intelligences derived from non-directed non-artificial intelligence, etc.). However, the term "infomorph" has currently fallen out of fashion, and as such is most likely to apply to the historically more common concept of an uploaded human mind.

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