The act of emulating a human consciousness in a computer environment similar to, and yet probably aesthetically different than The Matrix**.

Many Transhumanists believe that after the Singularity uploading will become common practice. This is viewed by many to be a great leap forward in the state of humanity since things like famine and poverty would become nonexistent. "People" would be immortal if they wanted to, since they could modify their own "code" they could even emulate "death", but leave behind a copy of themselves that is still immortal. The possibilities are truly endless.

Something I would like to comment on here is that while this is a popular idea among Transhumanists, we cannot even speculate about this because the Singularity is the point at which the world *as we know it* ends, and anything that happens after that will be beyond us.
**Primary differences would include not needing our body after we have been uploaded since we exist entirely in the computer, and being able to modify our own code.

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