The short film High Maintenance is very much a work of science fiction. While there isn't much in the way of exciting graphics, and certainly no aliens or zombies, the central technology of the film is well beyond anything we can do today. So I'm going to guess... 50-100 years in the future.

I was a bit surprised by some of the negative reviews here. I did not like the characters, the film was a bit too slow for my taste, and the first plot twist is not very original. However, this is an excellent work of SF, in large part due to the ending. But I'm not going to give any spoilers.

What does make this a very good film is that the final plot twist opens up a completely unexplored vista of a completely alien economic system and a highly stylized social system and aesthetic, but still gives us a clear idea of exactly what this world is like. You could easily write a novel based on the world presented. Or, you could let the audience think about it on their own.