"Concordski" was the nickname for the Russian Tu-144 supersonic jet, so called due to its uncanny resemblance to the Anglo-French jet, Concorde.

Designed by Aleksei Tupolev, the Tu-144 first flew on December 31, 1968, just days before Concorde's maiden flight giving the then Soviet Union some serious propaganda material. It went into service in late 1969, carrying mail and freight, with passenger flights intended to begin in the early 70's. This prediction was somewhat delayed, due to the tragic events which unfolded at one of the aircraft's first public outings.

The jet crashed onto the village of Goussainville during its demonstation at the Paris Air Show on June 5th 1973, killing the pilot Mikhail Kozlov and his five crew, as well as 7 others. This accident shattered public confidence in the aircraft and delayed its first passenger carrying flight until 1977. The supersonic aircraft was withdrawn from service in 1985, but there are rumours of a NASA sponsored comeback.