I WANT TEH MONKEYS!!!1! is an infamous cheat code for this PC strategy game. After opening up the text box and putting this grammatically dubious code in, you get... Well, a lot of monkeys. I'd estimate nearly 100. They pop up in a circle formation, four rows deep around your town, ready to be commandeered for great justice.

Unfortunately, they aren't very useful considering they can't attack. That rules out trying to destroy the enemy with them. The army of apes can have a major psychological effect on opponents, however. Imagine, if you would, a small town of four or five people that are complacently farming, when suddenly a horde of chattering monkeys appears from all sides. Sheer terror and fear of monkey death could force a weak willed opponent to resign within moments of seeing the awesome force of simians. But probably not.

Note that for the cheat to work, this phrase must be spelled correctly, complete with "TEH", four !'s and the strategically placed 1. Note also that this cheat can be entered multiple times. Each time, a new group of 100ish monkeys will appear. Thus, you could theoretically have... Indeed. Infinite monkeys. Too bad there are no typewriters in Age of Mythology.

For some reason, while searching for "I WANT TEH MONKEYS!!!1!", Google confusedly responded with "Did you mean: 'I WANT THE MONKEYS'?" Stupid search engine. Grammar has evolved! Google sure is way behind in teh times.