A group of intergalactic space pirates in Homeworld. The Turanic Raiders are a humanoid race that had fully developed Hyperspace Technology. They are best known for raids on Resource Convoys and Trade Routes. Turanic Raiders have multiple types of ships. The Standard Fighter class which had a single Mass-Driver mount. The Missile Corvette, which launched Guided Missiles. The Standard Corvette, which had two heavy Mass-Driver mounts. The Standard Corvette was later refitted with Salvage technology. Next is the Ion Array Frigate. These used focused magnectic waves to enhance an already potent Ion Cannon. And last but not least, the Battle Carrier. Battle Carriers had multiple rapid projectile turrets and two Ion-Cannon mounts. The Kushan first encounted the Turanic Raiders at the wreckege of the Khar-Selim and were driven back. They were later encountered at the Great Wastelands, where they and their carrier were destroyed. Other groups of Turanic Raiders are still scattered across the galaxy in small outposts. One of such was the main base in the Kyori Sector. The base was nearly destroyed when the Somtaaw.

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