I was returning from a visit to my friendly barber (now that's another story) and saw an interesting piece of graffiti on the footpath - and another, and another. Somebody had gone to a lot of trouble to make a template to spray, in an orderly manner, the words "CARS KILL FISH" in various locations on the footpath, walls, posts, etc.

This got me to wondering what this was all about. Now I understand that perhaps cars (or the drivers thereof) are responsible for the deaths of thousands of pedestrians and other road users per year, but the idea of fish-killing vehicles was beyond me. I would have thought that fishermen were responsible for more fish deaths than cars.

Perhaps the perpetrator of the defacing of this public property had witnessed a car leaving the road and landing in a river, ocean or trout hatchery, and was abhorred at the sight of dead fish floating to the surface - sufficiently enough to send them straight to the nearest hardware store for a sheet of thick cardboard, a craft knife, and a can of iridescent orange spray paint. I know witnessing such a sight myself would certainly drive me to alcohol or something equally as innocuous, but perhaps this person was just at the breaking point. Perhaps they had recently witnessed an aeroplane land on a squirrel, and were tossing up creating "AIRCRAFT KILL WOODLAND CREATURES".

Whatever the reason (there obviously is one), it is a fact of life that cars do, in fact, kill fish - I know because I read it several times on the street.