Touch not, lest ye be touched.

People are so afraid of making contact with others.

Rejection is so strong a force, someone not used to being rejected can be devastated when it happens, to prevent the hurt they can close up into a little shell that keeps in all their light. You can't be told you're not wanted if you never show any wanting.

Rejection can be like razor blades, when you want someone, some attention, some love, and all you can do is think of them, but they show no interest, instead scorn.. it hurts.. so the shell builds. You won't let it happen again. If you don't care about anyone, it doesn't matter if nobody cares about you. Just float away, become a background character, float through life like helium, don't touch, don't feel. It's safer that way. It's being dead.

It should be possible to let it out, what is this world that we can't touch or smile from the fear.

Let it out. Let yourself shine. Smile at someone, and face the barbs if they turn away like they don't want to be caught in your eyes. Touch someone you wished cared about you, and if they brush you away like you're a leper let yourself feel the sting, feel the sadness of a rejected contact.. like any drug the effects fade with experience.

Smile to someone without care for if they smile back or not, and you will see someone smile back.

The fastest way to invite someone to touch you is to touch them first.