We need money. Kit is in the red, and, as the good noders we are, it's our obligation to help those in need! She was unfairly fired from her job, and she's forced to move! Naturally, a situation like this leaves people's wallets a little empty. So here's what I propose to you:

We give her some money. But that's the obvious bit, and as far as I know, people like getting stuff for their troubles. So I teamed up with ycky, and she's offering to make hats and scarves for those who donate more than $30! And her knitting is really, really good! In addition, to those who donate $5 or more (but less than $30), I'll send out a postcard to you, full of random little things. For $10 or more, the postcard says whatever you want, to whoever you want (as long as they're a noder, and have a listed address...).

Here's how you do it: Kit has a PayPal account at kit.shortforkitten@gmail.com. Just put your money there. If it's over $5, be sure to include an address with the payment, as well as your username. If it's over $10, include a message as well. Over $30, include what colors you want (from ycky's color chart) and whether you want a hat or scarf. Please don't forget to give us your username!

Let's bring her some money!

Note from yclept: If you can afford to give, please consider it. If you can't, no harm done. The hats and scarves are what I can give, as I'm cash poor. They're discounted from my usual price, and I'm absorbing the shipping costs. Oh, and for $50 or more, I'll make a matched set.

Note from Kit: This was not my idea, and the unkind softlinks are entirely unnecessary. When Tanis first suggested it, I put some serious consideration into just saying no. I'll also begin tithing to E2 from now on.