Indeed, an excellent film. This is evidenced by the fact (as much as I love her) that my wife seriously dislikes (dare I say hates) it. I have found, over the course of many years, that often there is a direct inverse proportional relationship between the lasting quality of a film and her basic opinion of it.

I remember being struck by several key elements of the tale. Most notably the inherit tempation of man. I also recall the role of the Masonic Order, which at the time fascinated me, as my father is Mason. For this, that I saw as a rather dry and deathly adult thing, to figure in something I considered to be quite cool was an interesting quandry.

Don't fret, I survived the experience and continue to consider Masonry to be a deathly dry adult thing to do - though historically they have been given the shaft by a certain organized religion with its weak knock-off fraternal order.