I see this graffiti written on a bridge every day as I drive to work.


It's on a concrete bridge, scrawled in one-foot high white letters. For those who live in the south of England who want to check this out, it's a little west of Junction 9 on the M27.

I think it's the coolest and spookiest bit of graffiti I've ever seen. It makes me ask myself, every day, if it could possibly be true. I don't think it could mean kill in a shoot someone with a gun kind of way, unless it's some bitter parent who's child was squashed by a very heavy super computer. Rather, could the graffitier mean that computers are resposible for the wasted lives of many childen? In my experience, using and playing with computers (yes, even consoles) can be an enriching and worthwhile pastime.

Update, November 2001: sadly this graffiti is no longer there! The bridge was cleaned as part of a repair.